Baobab is a very powerful plant! If I hadn’t come to Cape Verde by chance one month ago, I wouldn’t have known about Baobab anything. I have run into the baobab in the market in Cape Verde at the natural medicine stall and this is how I got to know about this superfruit powerful benefits.


Баба с Баобабом

This is the lady, who actually showed me the powder and I couldn’t resist to buy it from her 🙂 Btw, my blog post about the trip to Cape Verde is still in process, but will be posted soon. I promise!

Baobab is being labeled as the “Superfruit” for its many health benefits. Comparing to many other vegan supplements and food ingredients, Baobab is a super nutritious food. People in Cape Verde just drink fresh juice from Baobab fruit, but I didn’t like it to be honest. It is not so tasty as any other fruit juice, but dried version of it as powder is very delicious, especially as additive to a dishes, smoothies or just mix with cold or hot water. Having a tiny sweet and pronounced citrus flavor it is easy to find the use in cooking. I do cook soups and also pancakes using the powder.

Did you know that this African superfruit is one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world? Just a few teaspoons of powder contains 35% of daily requirement of vitamin C. Baobab powder is a great additive to high in sugar dishes, since almost 50% of the product is fiber which helps to release natural sugars slowly into your blood stream. It also has the highest antioxidant content of any fruit.

Baobab Powder is a vegan, gluten free food that can be used as a replacement to flour and corn starch for thickening purposes. It has natural thickening properties and can be added to sauces, dressings, bake mixes, jams, and smoothies.

Per 100g:

– Antioxidants: even more than acai, blueberries and pomegranates.
– Calcium: 285 mg (35%); 2x more than 100 ml of milk
– Vitamin C: 266mg (330%); delivers 6x more than a glass of orange juice
– Potassium: 1980mg (99%); packs twice as much as bananas
– Iron: 7.2mg (52%); 5x as much as red meat or spinach
– Magnesium: 155mg (40%) 5x more than in avocado
– Fiber: 47g by weight, of which 75% is soluble fiber


COURSE: Lunch, Dinner

CUISINE: Plant-based, Vegan, Gluten-free

PREP TIME: 15 min



CALORIES/per serving: 288 calories (carbs 44g *sugars 15g, protein 6,2g, fats 12g)



Pumpkin – 700g

Olive oil – 1 tbsp

Onions – 1 medium

Celery – 2 stalks

Red paprika – 1 small

Vegetable broth – 200 ml

Baobab powder – 2 tbsp

Polenta – 2 tbsp

Coconut milk (canned) – 3 tbsp

Lime juice – 1 tbsp

Muscat flower – 1 flower

Salt & pepper


  1. Pre-heat your oven to 190°C.
  2. Cut the onions, pumpkin, celery and paprika in pieces and drizzle with olive oil and place in the oven. Bake it for 30 minutes.
  3. Put all cooked vegetables in the pot and cover with hot broth (or water) with muscat flower. Boil for 5-7 min.
  4. Turn off heat. Add all the rest of ingredients, stir in the soup and blend all together with hand blender until smooth.

The soup is ready!

Garnish the soup with fresh cilantro, black pepper and seeds as an option.

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