April was very beautiful this year and the weather treated us well. Spending many warm and sunny days outside in the sun, I had a strong feeling of coming summer and suddenly I felt the taste of ice-cream on my lips. Yes! This is what I was missing to achieve a complete feeling of the summer day.


The summer is so close and who told that vegans shouldn’t enjoy the ice-cream. Those who have been in Italy knows that the most tasty ice-cream in the World is pistachio ice-cream, which has a rich taste of real pistachio nuts. Pistachio ice-cream, that is available in our shops, is just greenish substance, which has nothing in common with pistachios, this is obvious.

But cheer up! You don’t even need any specific equipment to make your own pistachio ice-cream at home. And yes… it is plant-based!


So I had a double motivation to try homemade pistachio ice-cream in order to satisfy all these wishes and ambitions.

Good news! You will need only four main ingredients and few hours of patience to wait until it gets frozen and is ready to eat. But waiting is simple when it is great weather outside and you can pass the time lying out in the sun.

COURSE: DessertSnack

CUISINE: Plant-based, Vegan, Gluten-free, Raw

PREP TIME: 5 min


WAITING TIME: 3-4 hours


CALORIES per serving: 302 calories (carbs 36 g, protein 5 g, fats 17 g)


Frozen banana – 400 g (~ 3 large bananas)

Coconut milk (~15-21% of fat) or coconut yoghurt – 200 g

Pistachio nuts – 50 g + 10 g (for decoration)

Dates – 4 pieces

Dried pomegranate seeds  or any other dried berries *optional, for decoration



TIP! It is important to use exactly frozen banana, because it helps to achieve puffy consistence and to freeze prepared ice-cream blend faster before it begin to sag and becomes just an ice.

1. Pre-soak the pistachio nuts for achieving great creamy consistency while blending. As usually it is enough to soak for 2h or if you wish to shorten the process, use hot water and soak nuts there for at least 20 min. You can also skip this step if you have powerful blender – over 500 W.

2. Take the coconut milk or yoghurt, dates and the pistachio nuts (leaving a handful for decoration). Blend them in food processor until its creamy. You can replace dates with any other sweetener as maple syrup, for example.

3. Add pieces of frozen banana and blend it all together until it is creamy and puffy. If you like to have visible pieces of pistachio nuts in the ice-cream, you can add some whole nuts in the end of blending, so they are not too crushed.



TIP! To have nuts pieces in the ice-cream. Before to blend nuts, divide nut portion in two parts: one part blend with the yoghurt to liquid consistency and another part add together with banana. In this case you will have this crunchy effect with nice pieces of pistachio nuts in the ice-cream.

4. When mixture is ready, place it in your freeze and wait for 3-4 hours until it gets frozen nicely.

5. Before to eat it, remove it from freezer and leave it outside to let it warm up for at least 15 minutes to soften so you can scoop it out.

Let the summer be great together with the most tasty pistachio ice-cream in the World!

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