I fell in love with pancakes lately. It might be spring or just my recent awareness of how easy it is to make pancakes and how big are scopes for experiments here.

You can make pancakes from any grains and seeds that you have at home by using blender. You can mix them with each other in different combinations just following one rule: always use at least one “thickening” ingredient, so your pancakes do not fall apart. Of course, only in case if you are not using eggs in the recipe.

Let me give you some ideas for “thickeners” you can use in your savory or sweet pancakes:

! Chia seeds, grind flax seeds, raw buckwheat (green), oats, chickpea flour or liquid from can, coconut flour.

I have just published blog post about black rice nutrition values and benefits, but it is worth to remind you about this powerful plant again. If you are interested in its benefits please read about it in my previous blog post here.



Shakshuka is a traditional Jewish dish, which is perfect for breakfast or lunch or even dinner. You can make it as a light dish for breakfast just with tomato sauce and eggs as well as serve it with nice piece of bread, or you can make it as complete lunch or dinner dish adding some beans or even cheese in the sauce. But I will stick to traditional variation, which I prefer most of others.