Cooking on daily basis with love and passion I have started to create my own food colors and shapes, which I am sharing with big pleasure with you.

I travel and cook a lot. Being inspired by many places and cultures, my dishes are very various and colourful. Lets see what my multi-cultural experience, love to cook and nutrition specialty are going to bring us!

My idea is simple. I like to cook fast dishes, but healthy and very tasty. Lets save time on cooking spending longer time with our loved one at the table.


Visiting my blog you will find out that most of my recipes are plant-based. I love plant-based food. I believe in macrobiotic eating philosophy or blue zone eating way, which means eating animal protein only once per week and the rest to adhere to a plant-based eating. My meal planning is based on plant-based recipes, because I find it most suitable for healthy diets and especially plant-based dishes are easy and quick in cooking. Once per week I recommend to eat fish or meat, as well as once per week organic chicken eggs choosing organic options if possible. I have good observations since I stick to the diet – I rarely get sick, I have much more energy and I easily wake up at 6AM. I love my-self and world around me. So many reasons!

Apart from recipes I am also going to share some nutritional facts with you, since I am studying Nutrition and making detailed researches about related subjects.


I believe that there is no wrong weather or bad day, just keep a positive attitude. Celebrate your life. Celebrate it every day.


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