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This fresh pumpkin salad is made using seasonal products that are very typical for our region in autumn.
It is packed with vitamins, what will boost your immune system and give you energy in cold autumn days.

≻ raw pumpkin – 200 g
≻ raw fennel – 60 g
≻ salad leaves – bunch
≻ shallot onion – 1/2
≻ pine nuts – handful

for dressing
≻ sea-buckthorn berries – 2 handfuls (30 g)
≻ oil – 1 tbsp (olive, hempseed or flaxseed)
≻ soy sauce – 1 tbsp
≻ honey – 1/2 tsp
≻ sumac – 1 pinch (optional)

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  1. Press berries with pestle and mix with the rest of dressing ingredients.
  2. Slice fennel and pumpkin and mix with the dressing. Leave to rest for 10 minutes.
  3. Serve it on salad leaves with sliced onion, toasted pine nuts and pinch of sumac on top.

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