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Coconut ice-cream on a hot day?

Is it possible to make non-dairy ice-cream without ice-cream machine at home? Easy!

Let me share all tips and tricks with you so you could make a delicious and creamy ice-cream yourself.

You can choose any of your favourite ingredients for flavouring an ice-cream, but keep in mind that the simplest version of this coconut ice-cream is made by using only two main ingredients: coconut milk that is at least 18% fat and sweetener of your choice.



  1. Blend coconut-milk with a syrup and vanilla extract. I recommend you to put 10 tbsp of syrup and 1 tsp of vanilla extract for 1L of coconut milk. You can also put some part of nuts in the mix in order to give a nutty taste to your ice-cream. Leave some nuts for decoration.
  2. Pre-freeze your ice-cream form. Put the ice-cream mix in the form and place it in the freezer for 5-8 hours. Stir it every hour or even every 30 minutes, if your freezer is set below -14C.
  3. When the mix is evenly frozen, decorate it with nuts, berries, syrup or chocolate pieces and put back in the freezer for storage until serving time.

Watch the video for the cooking process:

What are that main tricks to get creamy texture when you make it without ice-cream machine?:

  1. Pre-freeze the bowl or form that you are planning to use for ice-cream.
  2. Stir it with a spoon every 1-2 hours.
  3. Recommended freezer temperature -12 .. -14°C.

If you are still not satisfied with the consistency include one more step before to put your mix in a freezer.

4. Freeze coconut milk by ice cubes before to blend it in a food processor.

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If you use canned coconut milk, try to use only creamy part of it leaving separated coconut water for other purposes, for example, smoothies or pancakes. Please note that an ice-cream made from 18% fat milk or above can’t be considered as diet product, but there some other tricks how to lower the fat, but still keep creamy texture.

! Tips for lowering fat content:

  1. Add some frozen banana. It will also give the consistency to the ice-cream.
  2. Use light coconut milk with lowered fat %, but add corn starch or tapioca to your mix heating it for activating. (I haven’t tried it personally, but it should work).

I hope it helped you out.

Enjoy it!

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